VNPT is willing to support entrepreneurs

16:04, 12/08/2017

As the co-founder and the main sponsor of the Vietnam Talent Awards during the past 12 years, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) committed to support and create the best conditions for authors to develop and deploy winning products.

The Vietnam Talent Awards had discovered and honored hundreds of talents in different fields such as information technology, applied sciences, medicine environment for 12 years. In 2017, the awards are held at the time when the 4th Industrial Revolution is blooming worldwide, with the combination of all industries with the digital world, opening up a series of opportunities for countries including Vietnam.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tan, Deputy General Director of VNPT-Media Corporation, Deputy Head of the organizing committee of Vietnam Talent Awards 2017, as a leading corporation in the field of telecommunications, to catch up with the trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution, VNPT is constantly developing products and services based on new technologies with intelligent infrastructure, smart connectivity and services. VNPT is willing to share these achievements with the start-ups participating in the awards as well as entrepreneurs who will participate in the future, especially potential projects in accordance with VNPT’s business fields.

In fact, in recent years, VNPT Group has been cooperating with universities all over the country to bring research works, research products and ideas of both professors and students into implementation on VNPT system. Besides Hanoi University of Science and Technology, VNPT is cooperating and investing in the research and development centers at Dalat University for research on intelligent agriculture; Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City for research on data analysis …

VNPT Group is serving approximately 5.5 million fixed broadband subscribers and nearly 30 million mobile broadband subscribers. In addition, VNPT also has the strategic cooperation with many agencies and organizations in the local and business community. When cooperating with VNPT, in addition to the opportunity to improve and develop their products, entrepreneurs and enterprises can also take advantage of the community of customers of VNPT, speeding up the process of bringing products to market. Besides, VNPT's production, business and investment strategies in the future is the great environment for innovative products to be deployed quickly. VNPT is currently developing a strong strategy for broadband, investing thousands of 4G transceiver stations to form a mobile broadband network with high intelligence.

"VNPT has a lot of intelligent solutions, technology platform, we are willing to cooperate with partners to develop together on these platforms" - Mr. Tan affirmed. One of solutions is that VNPT are developing intelligent solutions for all levels of government. For example, the OSS administrative system, medical management systems, smart education management and classrooms,.. VNPT Group is continuing to focus on research and development of platform technologies such as image recognition technology and virtual reality technology to be more active and innovative in creating new products and services.

Based on new technologies, the customer data analysis can be used to deliver new services that better meet customer needs. The foundation of VNPT is completely open, easy to share with partners to co-develop new products and services. Especially, VNPT Group has arranged the investment capital for projects, cooperating to develop feasible ideas so that new products can be deployed right on the VNPT system.

Through the Vietnam Talents Award, VNPT provided support for start-ups such as VNPT's telecom infrastructure; communication through events and media channels of VNPT. The Group will select and have a plan to support startups in line with the development orientation of VNPT, help promote efficient growth in many fields such as digital content services, value added, television media.