VNPT -Media Software Company

VNPT-Media Software Company is a child company of VNPT Media Corporation (VNPT-Media). The company was established on May 5th 2016 under Decision no. 185/QĐ-VNPT-Media-NS dated May 5th 2016 by the President of the Corporation on the separation of a number of departments of Value-added Service Development Company (VAS Company).

VNPT-Media Software Company aims at developing software on the foundation of research on basic technology platforms, value-added services. VNPT-Media Software Company wants to penetrate the core of new technologies, bringing software technology to become a launching point to enter the 4th industry revolution of the world – an era where technologies such as IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality… are applied to all areas of the economy, of the society and of daily life.

The missions of VNPT-Media Software Company lies in researching and developing all VNPT-Media’s current service platforms, allowing VNPT to be totally self-control in the field of software. In the future, VNPT-Media Software Company will continue to develop core platforms for VNPT’s future services, both for domestic and foreign markets.

Business Fields

- Researching and providing VNPT-Media’s software products and information technology solutions, following the business objectives, plans and development strategies of the corporation in particular and of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications in general.

- Creating plans for software products and services to cooperate with other companies in VNPT-Media for best product research and development process.

- Cooperating with other units under VNPT-Media, under VNPT-Vinaphone and VNPT offices at all provinces to provide software products and services.

- Developing software for all products and services of VNPT-Media basing on the strategy of VNPT-Media’s functional divisions.

- Cooperating with Value-added Services Development Company to develop value-added software systems, core software systems, gateway systems for the deployment of value-added services on telecommunication infrastructure.

- Cooperating with Television Services Development Company to develop television software systems on IPTV platform.

- Cooperating with Media Services Development Company to develop software systems relating to digital media technology.

- Building software for the administrative and business control purpose of VNPT-Media and its child companies.

- Proposing software solutions to VNPT-Media’s leaders.

- Building VNPT-Media’s system of software development processes.

- Cooperating with domestic and foreign partners to develop software for VNPT-Media’s products and services, or for customers’ requests.

- Following other projects assigned by the leaders of VNPT Group and of VNPT-Media.

Contact Information

VNPT-Media Software Company – Child company of VNPT Media Corporation

Address: 97 Nguyen Chi Thanh str., Dong Da dist., Ha Noi

Phone: 24 37722728, Email: