VNPT-Media currently has over 500 employees, with the average age of under 30 year-old. VNPT-Media's staff possess good professional skills and unwavering determination towards the corporation's development direction. 95% of VNPT-Media staff are at graduated and postgraduated level.

With television services, media services, value-added services and digital content areas, human resource is the most important factor for success, as the competitive edges of these types of services lie in creativeness and differentiation.

Understanding that, VNPT-Media always pays attention to personnel factors, aming at building a friendly and positive working environtment. VNPT-Media also puts effort in strenghthening VNPT's enterprise culture to create motive and opportunities for all employees.

Business registration certificate no. 0106873188 granted by Ha Noi Department of Planning and Investment on 6th December, 2015
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