Media Services Development Company


Formerly the Center of Information and Public Relations of Vietnam Posts and Communication Group, Media Services Development Company (IPC) was established on June 29th, 2015 under Decision no. 89/QĐ-VNPT-MEDIA-NS on June 29th 2015 by the President of VNPT Media Corporation.


Defining the company's mission being "Connecting True Values", IPC aims at providing marketing solutions, media solutions to create true connections between enterprises' core values and enterprises' targeted customers.

The company's staff include over 100 media employees, reporters, event organizers, television employees from the former Center of Information and Public Relations.

With the experience gained from many years working in the fields of information, media, television, event organizing, enterprise culture building, as well as providing media services for VNPT and its member units, Media Services Development Company is given the following missions:

- Organizing activities on information providing, media, publication, public relation, internal communication; Providing VNPT and VNPT-Media with information on data for business management.

- Organizing and providing media and advertisement services; providing event and conference organizing services; dealing with media crisis; providing market data; researching the market; providing market survey services...

- Doing business in the field of publication, press activities on the base of the press license issued for the company.

- Producing multi-media content for the Corporation and other companies.

- Doing activities in the fields of photography, television, music record and publication, video clip, reports...

- Providing information services, data services.

- Providing consultancy services, printing services.

Currently, the company has prestige in the fields of media and event organizing, not only with enterprises belong to VNPT but also with many domestic and foreign partners. The company has held many media programs for large enterprises, national-scale events with the participant of the country and the Party leaders. The company is also administrating all media channels for VNPT, such as: VNPT-Media internal information system, VNPT-Online channel, "VNPT life" publication, VNPT website, VNPT internal website, VnMedia E-Newspaper, Information Society E-Magazine, VNPT - Real Life fanpage...

With the young, dynamic and creative labour force that has many experience in the fields of information, press and television, currently Media Services Development Company is focusing on content services providing for MyTV, MobileTV and Value-added services on VinaPhone's infrastructure. This will be the company's long-term goal and strategic direction in the coming year.

IPC believes that the Company will bring true values and maximum benefits for partners and customers:

- Providing event, conference, exhibition organizing services; providing marketing solutions for events;

- Providing PR article services; Providing advertisement services on e-newspapers...

- Providing marketing solutions and strategy;

- Providing digital content such as video clip, games, useful tools...

- Providing solutions and brand management tools for enterprises; dealing with media crisis;

- Providing creative design services, printing services for events;

- Producing reports, documentary films, trailers, TVCs, musical clips, television program  format...

- Providing data services on telecommunication infastructure and the internet.





Media Services Development Company - Child company of VNPT Media Corporation


Address: VNPT Building, No. 57 Huynh Thuc Khang str., Dong Da dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Phone: 24.37741526. Email: