VNPT-Media: A pioneer in 4G services

17:14, 05/01/2017

In 2016, as a leading company under Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group in the field of digital content, VAS services and IT, VNPT Media Corporation (VNPT- Media) has mastered all core technologies to prepare for the age of 4G.

Pioneering in the field of 4G services

In 2016, three major telecommunication enterprises in Vietnam, including VNPT, Viettel and MobiFone, have received approval for providing 4G services. However, until now, VNPT is the only company to commercialize 4G services in Phu Quoc Island. It is expected that in 2017, all three enterprises will soon deploy their 4G services on a broad scale.

When the 4G race is just in the beginning, 4G services are considered crucial factors determining the competiveness and growth of any telecommunication businesses. As a major VNPT affiliate in developing IT and VAS services on mobile networks, VNPT-Media understands it has a great responsibility in the age of 4G. 

Since the success of 4G business largely depends on the attraction of value-added services operating on 4G system, in 2016, VNPT- Media has researched numerous new and practical services, including real-time videos, optimal video compression technology, video & image  processing technology, and image recognition technology, etc. The first product operating on 4G platform is the  recently introduced application Ceeme – an app for fans and celebrities connection, which has been well received by the public.

Speaking at the Conference on Planning and Strategies for 2017, which was held on the morning of December 30th, 2016, VNPT-Media’s CEO Ngo Dien Hy believed 4G infrastructure will be widely deployed in Vietnam in 2017, and this would be a great opportunity for the company. Thus, in order to seize that opportunity, VNPT-Media has done a lot of careful and thorough preparation, making it ready for the upcoming “4G race”.

In the future, to be able to stand out from the crowd, VNPT-Media will deploy a wide range of new services based on Live Video, video processing and compression technologies.

Providing more Big Data services in 2017

Besides mastering core technologies to develop value-added services, VNPT-Media has also aimed at 4 strategic technological trends, namely OTT, Bigdata, IoT and Payment system.

“These will be the four core business areas in VNPT-Media’s service development strategy in the period of 2016 to 2020”, said CEO Ngo Dien Hy.



Mr. Hy also shared that VNPT has fully developed VAS Cloud system, which is a unified ecosystem platform based on cloud computing for VNPT’s value-added services. In 2017, VNPT-Media plans to extensively develop VAS Cloud and transfer all services provided by the company to this integrated system, making it a competitive advantage for the corporation as well as the Group.

VNPT-Media has established a research team in Big Data to develop technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and to provide services like AdTech, FinTech, IoT, etc.

In January 2017, Big Data services like Credit Scoring, FinTech, Customer Segmentation, etc. will be introduced to the market. It is believed that BigData will be a promising field for the company in the forthcoming years.

One of VNPT-Media ’s objectives in 2017 is to maintain its leading and pioneering position in the field of value-added services. “To achieve this goal, VNPT-Media has to develop high-tech VAS service that have creative and high-quality content, meeting both domestic and international markets”, CEO Ngo Dien Hy reiterated.