Know all about ‘Stars' with Star Boom! on MeClip service

15:57, 18/11/2020

Private lives of famous people always have an irresistible appeal. Star Boom! service has been born to satisfy the needs of updating domestic and international showbiz information for VinaPhone subscribers. The "brand new" video channel on MeClip service is waiting for audiences to explore at

The audiences are familiar with the flashy images of singers on stage or actors who transform into their characters in the movies ... Therefore, they are curious to know about the real lives of artists when they take off their make-up and return to themself? Video channel Star Boom! will help the audiences lift the secret curtain to explore behind-the-scenes stories, the daily lives of those seemingly distant "stars", making them closer than ever.
Star Boom! is a new channel among the many attractive video channels of MeClip service. It has been built and developed by VNPT-Media Corporation. With the same operating method as a video social network, MeClip has a large, growing user community. MeClip "stores" for itself a huge content repository with a rich genre after only a short time of launch and is still constantly expanding by shaking hands with many reputable partners in the field of content provision. 
Not only supplies entertaining services to users such as Movies, Music, Comedy Sitcom ..., MeClip also sensitively captures the trend by concentrating information on hot issues in society, such as the daily news about the disease of Covid-19; the flood in the central of Vietnam, changing laws or newly issued regulations… Besides, the slogan "Two NO": NO limit and NO advertising has made MeClip different from other online video platforms. With this slogan, users can enjoy everything they want on MeClip without interruption. MeClip is also a video service trusted by parents for their children to experience because the unlimited videos on MeClip are strictly censored to filter out bad and offensive content, so they can be suitable for many subjects, of different ages.
VinaPhone subscribers who want to experience Star Boom! and other video channels on MeClip can write message Y1 or M to 9488 (3,000 VND / day) to subscribe to the service. Visit for more information.