10:40, 05/10/2020

Constantly innovating of MyTV

With a deep sense of customers as the foundation for development, MyTV has been transforming strongly, making innovation efforts continuously, adding rich channel content, rolling out new utility features. In particular, the upgrade of interface and the launch of the new device MyTV Box 2020 have brought best experience to customers.

In terms of the content, MyTV currently has hundreds of domestic and international favorite TV channels such as HBO, Max by HBO, Fox Sports, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel ...; audiences can watch thousands of special movies, various VOD 4K content for free and at top-notch quality. With nearly 200 selected domestic and international TV channels and over 70 HD TV channels, MyTV is one of the big providers with the largest number of TV channels in the market.
New features and utilities have been actively researched and launched by a team of engineers, meeting the increasing requirements of the OTT television market. Among them, the MyTV Multiscreen feature allows customers to access MyTV service to watch their favorite programs anywhere. Smart devices that customers are using such as TVs, mobile phones or tablets are content-synced, helping customers to convert watching programs from one device to another while watching and saving, viewed history as well as favorites for customers to follow easily.


Together with the deployment of the MyTV Multiscreen feature, MyTV service also provides additional remote control (Remote Controller), service registration and direct payment on MyTV application (also known as Selfcare). Accordingly, customers can use voice to control MyTV service on Smart TV. Remote control feature is integrated on the MyTV Net application running on popular Android and iOS smartphones. Customers use mobile phones to control MyTV and MyTV Net services on SmartTV with smart support features such as virtual keyboard, voice control. Selfcare registration and payment feature allows customers to register and pay for the package completely online at MyTV service right on SmartTV.
Recently, MyTV has also launched a new device for TV service called MyTV Box 2020, a version with many advanced features. MyTV Box 2020 is a Set-top Box device using Android TV operating system 9.0, tested and certified by Google. The device is optimized for MyTV television service, with Full HD high quality and integrated support for DRM content copyright protection mechanisms. The device is fully integrated and supported with all services and app stores of Google and other attractive and advanced features. With this new device, customers will have great experiences with MyTV service.


In addition, MyTV continues to upgrade its new interface on SmartTV and Box with many modern features. The upgrades and changes to the interface on the basis of researching users' usage habits have actually taken MyTV one step higher in terms of quality and professionalism in the on-demand television market in Vietnam. The most necessary features have been added and arranged on the interface in a reasonable way that users really care about. In general, the new design details of MyTV interface comply with the minimalist criteria, applying new and modern design trends, creating a feeling of airy and wide, minimizing manipulations such as: move from page to page, register / login, shorten and simplify the operation steps. During this “change of shirt”, MyTV not only invests in visual interface with new concept but also focuses more on features for in-house services such as television and feature films. These are 2 most popular services by users and also the strength of content of MyTV television service. TV service interface adds a few optimal features according to the regular experiences of the audience in this service.

Along with the interface upgrade for existing customers, MyTV Television also offers a huge promotion for new customers. It can be said that MyTV's ceaseless efforts have been paid off through the positive numbers of newly developed subscribers as well as the positive feedback from customers. MyTV is also ready to absorb reviews to improve and meet the diverse requirements of customers over our country.


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