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VNPT Money: A trusted payment channel chosen on the National Public Service Portal

As of mid-October 2022, the online payment system on the National Public Service Portal had more than 3 million online payment transactions. VNPT Group is proud to participate and is the only unit that provides a full range of payment methods on the Portal.

More than 3 million online payment transactions through the National Public Service Portal

Opened from December 9, 2019, the National Public Service Portal (National Public Service Portal) is the focal point to connect with Public Service Portals and information systems and databases of ministries, branches and localities. , contributing to the publicity and transparency of relevant information on administrative procedures and the provision and support of public services according to the needs of people and businesses, suitable to each audience.

From 8 groups of public services provided at the time of opening, up to now, the national CDVC at dichvucong.gov.vn has integrated, providing 4,195 online public services, including 2,368 services for citizens and 2,177 services for businesses.

The online payment system of the National Public Service Portal has played an important role in the reform of administrative procedures, improving the efficiency of state management, increasing the transparency of the government system and creating convenience for customers. citizen. This is a very positive result, demonstrating the determination of the Government as well as the contributions and efforts of all participating units. Typical among them is VNPT Money of VNPT Group.
VNPT is the only unit that provides a full range of payment methods on the National Service Portal
Participating in the construction of the National Service Portal from the very beginning, VNPT Money is the first unit to integrate to pay for all services for citizens on the National Service Portal. This is also the unit that builds and operates the entire payment platform for the National Service Portal, playing an important role in processing tens of thousands of online payment transactions on the Portal system.
The main element of the Payment Platform is to provide a variety of payment methods, allowing people to pay online through the following forms: account/ATM card/e-wallet/Mobile Money and QR Code payment solution… Especially, at the time of implementation, Payment Platform is the only payment platform in Vietnam that allows issuing electronic receipts with digital signatures of payment service providers.
Payment Platform provides Level 4 Public Services, helping to make online payments for the system, thoroughly solving the problem of time and effort, helping people and businesses fulfill their financial obligations in a timely manner. quickly, anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, helping State management agencies handle quickly and automatically, reduce work pressure and make the economy transparent.
The implementation of the Payment Platform to pay for all services for citizens on the National Public Service Portal has contributed significantly to improving the efficiency of electronic payments, towards building the digital economy as well as the digital economy. Government No. Applying core technologies: EKYC, Big Data, AI, etc. to support digitization, Payment Platform is VNPT's payment platform providing a full suite of payment solutions for payment intermediaries. The system provides core platforms for e-wallets, mobile money wallets, payment gateway solutions, collection solutions, and QR code solutions.
The payment interface via VNPT Money is designed to be simple, easy to operate and friendly to users of all ages and regions. In particular, VNPT Money is applied high-tech platforms, ensuring elements of information safety and security, meeting the highest level of international security standards PCI - DSS, so candidates and women You have complete peace of mind during the payment process.

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