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Studying with your child on MyTV: Do you know how?

Not only known as an on-demand TV service with rich and attractive content, contributing significantly to changing family entertainment methods, MyTV has also become an "effective arm" helping parents and children updating knowledge and skills effectively…


Accompanying parents with their children from the first learning journey

In order to help parents with children studying at the primary school level update their knowledge and skills effectively, MyTV television service people have researched and cooperated with experts in the field of education, training and construction. building HOC247 Kids package for primary school students. The HOC247 Kids package has a large database of up to 3000 lessons for students from grades 1 to 5.

There are full range of basic subjects such as Math, Vietnamese, English under the new program of the Ministry of Education and Training ..., to creative subjects that are fun, fun to learn like Singapore Mathematical, Scratch programming, Emotional intelligence, Scientific exploration…

With a large repository of teaching content, sharp and vivid image quality, and a rich and diverse library of exercises designed in the form of learning while playing, the duration is no more than 10 minutes/clip, HOC247 Kids will arouse the interest of children, helping parents easily accompany their children on the first learning journey.

Wide range of courses and extended service packages HOC247 Kids
Now, with HOC247 Kids, MyTV provides to parents and children with outstanding programs and courses below.
• Math and Vietnamese courses from grades 1-5 according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, both help children easily access new lessons and review their knowledge.
• English course with Starter-Mover-Flyer levels, Family Friends curriculum and standard Phonic pronunciation practice with foreign teachers.
• STEAM course includes courses: Singapore Mathematical, Scratch programming, Emotional Intelligence and Science Discovery.
Currently, with only one MyTV application account, customers can log in on 5 devices, watch simultaneously on 2 devices regardless of smart tv, smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop device, use with all Internet/Mobile carriers in Vietnam.
Do not hesitate any longer, immediately access the MyTV App on Smartphone/Tablet, go to HOC247 Kids section to have effective online learning hours with MyTV. Download smartphone app: https://mytv.com.vn/trang-tinh/ung-dung-mytv.
HOC247 will accompany parents in updating their subject knowledge in the most effective way.
MyTV has promptly added lectures, especially with the replay and rewind feature of interactive television, which has fully met the needs of parents and students for online learning programs. on television. MyTV has also added many new content in the training service so that students as well as working people can actively equip themselves with other necessary complementary knowledge such as foreign languages ​​and life skills.


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