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What are the "hot" features in VNPT Pay e-wallet that you know?

Besides the familiar features for "cashless" citizens, recently, VNPT Pay e-wallet has linked and updated many useful utilities. Just taking a few minutes with a simple registration process, VNPT Pay users immediately own a bank account and experience all practical services such as paying electricity and water bills, online tuition fees, etc.

And just with VNPT Pay, citizens of the 4.0 era will also have an interesting smart road experience, and at the same time contribute to reducing congestion at toll stations when traffic volume increases on Tet holidays…

Linking a bank with an account to enjoy attractive offers on VNPT Pay is an obstacle for many customers. Because not every customer has a bank account available to link as well as the time it takes to go to the bank to open an account. This mentality in customers has been understood by VNPT Pay and promptly updated with new features: opening a Vietinbank payment account right on the e-wallet. Specifically, through the VNPT EKYC electronic identification solution and doing a few simple steps, users who do not have any bank accounts or want to open more Vietinbank accounts can easily open a payment account right on the e-wallet from VNPT Pay at home.

It is known that shortly, to continue to improve customer experience, VNPT Pay continuously expands the list of banks that allow opening accounts right on e-wallets. The operation is extremely simple:

Step 1. From the VNPT Pay homepage, select Personal;

Step 2. Select Open a bank account;

Step 3. Select Agree, then select Start;

Step 4. Select Vietinbank and continue to follow the instructions. As soon as the connection is successful, users can immediately use the bank account itself, then link with the wallet account to experience all practical utilities and services: pay electricity and water bills, online tuition… quickly, saving time.


VETC - Account top-up feature

Another very useful feature for customers who often use cars as a means of transport but are rarely used by drivers is to top up their VETC accounts from VNPT Pay e-wallets. This feature allows customers to top up traffic accounts to pay fees at non-stop toll stations provided by VETC on VNPT Pay transaction channels. According to a VNPT Pay representative, the wallet started cooperating with VETC in 2021 and this is a very popular feature of VNPT Pay users. Just open the VNPT Pay app to top up the traffic account through connecting with VETC, users will not have to stop waiting to pay cash but on the contrary, experience the feeling of interesting smart road trips, avoiding situations congestion at toll stations. Most especially, the recharge to VETC account from the VNPT Pay wallet always has a competitive fee and quick and easy operation.

Customers access the VNPT Pay application; enter the traffic account number for the VETC system to check and enter the amount to be loaded into the traffic account. Next, performing the payment process, VNPT Pay sends a request to the VETC system for accounting. Non-stop toll collection service is a form of automatic road toll collection, road vehicles do not need to stop paying tolls when reaching toll stations. Accordingly, the means of transport is affixed with an E-Tag vehicle identification card, and at the same time, traffic participants register a traffic account and recharge this account to pay the toll. When the vehicle passes through the toll station without stopping, the system will automatically scan the E-Tag and deduct money from the traffic account.

VNPT Pay is now able to transact almost all services that accept electronic payments such as mobile charges, top-up scratch cards for television phones, the Internet; electricity, water; buying movie tickets, airline tickets, insurance... Parallel to that, there are promotions of VNPT as well as of partners associated with VNPT in the fields of banking, tourism, beauty, health, cuisine. very attractive to customers. Constantly researching to update and launch new features, during the operation journey, VNPT Pay always cooperates with many reputable partners to bring the most convenient services to users. With the belief that it will contribute to changing the payment habits of Vietnamese people in the cashless era, VNPT Pay is striving to become a payment system with many unique features and convenient services, helping to satisfy all payment needs in the daily life of millions of digital citizens.

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