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VNPT Mobile Money registration guide via VNPT Pay app

On November 24, 2021, all VinaPhone subscribers can register VNPT Mobile Money quickly through VNPT Pay app. In particular, in the first 3 months of implementation, customers will receive free of charge for all utilities of the service.

VNPT Mobile Money is a currency associated with the mobile account of VinaPhone subscribers. With VNPT Mobile Money, all VinaPhone subscribers can make money transfers, pay right on mobile phones without the requirement for a bank account and wifi/3G/4G connection.


To experience VNPT Mobile Money service on VNPT Pay app, VinaPhone subscribers can now register by:
- Download and install VNPT Pay app at link: https://vnptpay.vn/app/
- VNPT Pay account registration and login.
- Mobile Money account registration.
- Identity / authentication of personal information.

Customers should note the conditions for registration of VNPT Mobile Money as follows:
- ID card/ CCCD/ HC coincides with VinaPhone subscription information
- VinaPhone subscription is activated and used for more than 3 months
- Customers have identified/ authenticated with VNPT - Each customer can only open 1 VNPT Mobile Money account.

Customers when registering Mobile Money accounts encountered the case that the information has not matched please go to VinaPhone's Transaction Points to update and complete the registration.
After signing up, VinaPhone subscribers can experience deposit, withdrawal, retail consumer payments, online payments, and money transfers using a Mobile Money account. The convenience of the service is that customers can deposit, withdraw money, transfer money, pay online, pay via QR code without going to a bank account anytime, anywhere. Especially, in the first 3 months of service implementation (applied until February 22, 2022), customers will be served free of charge all utilities of VNPT Mobile Money.
VNPT Mobile Money accounts are managed on secure technical infrastructure systems, meeting international security standards such as PCI-DSS. The money in Mobile Money accounts is also guaranteed by the State Bank of Vietnam with the same regulations as for bank accounts.
For detailed information, customers can also call the 18001091 (#3) or chat with the AMI virtual assistant.

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