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Super News publishes childcare knowledge during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on children's health and learning. How to handle if a child is infected with SAR-CoV-2, what measures must be taken to make your child's online learning effective? That's a question for many parents today. Super News introduces parents to a lot of useful knowledge around these issues.

Babies born to mothers with COVID-19 will be tested. In the event that a child who is positive for SAR-CoV-2 will be taken care of? If the infant shows signs of respiratory failure, how should the family handle it, when should the ECMO intervention be intervened? Should antibiotics or antiretroviral drugs be taken... These questions will be answered in the videographic "How are babies with Covid-19 treated?" on the Super News service at: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=5282.

Super News also has a full update on the Department of Health's guidance on caring for older children with COVID-19. The videographic "Abnormal signs in children with Covid-19" will inform viewers of the condition for young children that F0 is allowed to be treated at home, abnormal signs that need to be treated urgently and transferred to the hospital in a timely manner as well as what types of need to be prepared for children. The video was posted at: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=5260.


Social distancing caused by the epidemic leads to prolonged online learning, exposing children to more electronic devices. Parents should take the time to talk to their children and agree on the rules when going online. The computer should be placed in the eyes of parents, absolutely do not tell their children wifi passwords, regularly check the history of websites they have visited and a lot of other things to do is introduced in the infographic "What to do to protect children when learning online". Super News users can be found at: http://superinfo.vn/detail/?id=5289&cate=11


Not only do parents have to ensure cyber security, but also need to protect the health and even life of their children when studying online. The case of a 10-year-old boy who was electrocuted to death while studying online has sounded a wake-up call, requiring parents to take the necessary measures to prevent accidents, and also to guide their children to use electrical equipment safely. Parents can refer to the infographic "Note electrical safety for young children when at home distancing" on Super News at: http://superinfo.vn/detail/?id=5273&cate=11.

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