10:07, 19/08/2021

Promoting online payment of water bills via VNPT Pay wallet in Thanh Hoa

The COVID-19 epidemic is forecasted to be prolonged and complicated. Therefor, to contribute the realization of "dual goals", Thanh Hoa Water Supply Joint Stock Company is promoting to encourage customers to pay for water fees online. ​​​​​​​

Since May 2021, Thanh Hoa Water Supply Joint Stock Company has cooperated with VNPT Thanh Hoa to deploy a cashless payment gateway VNPT Pay, helping people to easily and quickly pay their water bills monthly. Customers using the VNPT Pay wallet only need to link to the bank they use and enter their customer code to pay online with the automatic payment feature. Monthly, the system will automatically text customers the amount of water used, the amount that the customer has to pay via SMS or email, and automatically deduct the bill payment if the wallet account has enough balance to sign up for automatic payments.

Mr. Le Sy Len, the Deputy Director of Thanh Hoa Water Supply Joint Stock Company said: To catch up with the trend of digital transformation, our company has invested in relatively synchronous information technology infrastructure to use electronic invoices; coordinated with banks to collect on behalf of banks and continue to promote cooperation with some other big banks such as Vietinbank, Vietcombank...; cooperated with VNPT Thanh Hoa to sign a contract to use automatic debit clearing software…


Since promoting the implementation of the non-cash water payment method to customers, the company has nearly 2,000/200,000 customers using it, which is continuing to increase. It is known that Thanh Hoa Water Supply Joint Stock Company is currently supplying water to 14 districts, towns, and cities, including branches in the north of the city, in the south of the city, in Bim Son, Sam Son, Nghi Son, and Quang districts. Xuong, Hoang Hoa, Dong Son, Nong Cong, Trieu Son, Ngoc Lac, Cam Thuy, Thach Thanh, Yen Dinh. Water capacity reaches 140,000 m3 of water/day and night.

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