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Vsign Call Signature Service

Vsign Call Signature Service is one of more than 400 personal digital services deployed by VAS - A member of VNPT-Media Corporation. The service helps subscribers send their own messages (call signature) to display on the phone screens of people who call them, or people they call to. Recently, Vsign is one of the digital services that many customers highly appreciate for its quality.

Vsign call signature is the service that helps subscribers send their own messages (call signature) to display on the phone screens of people who call them, or people they call to. The service charges only 1,000 VND per package for 1 day and 3,000 VND per package for 1 week only.
Call signature is displayed as a flash message which content is installed by the customer up to 160 characters including spaces (Accented Vietnamese signature and special characters such as emoji are supported when creating signature on wapsite/ website). In case the customer has registered for the service but has not created their call signature, the system will automatically display the default signature of the service.


Using this service, customers can experience features such as Call signature setting, in which customers can change signature content; View default call signature; Copy your friends' default call signatures; Delete all call signatures. Set up call signature display by time, by subscribers or groups of subscribers, by time and phone numbers (only supported on website).
With Feature of Giving call signature, customers can Give call signature via SMS, wap/ web, via USSD; Receive/ reject gifted call signature via SMS.
Supporting ani-span feature: The maximum number of signature displays that a service subscriber sends to another subscriber in a day is 3; The maximum number of signatures displayed that the service subscriber sends in 1 minute for different subscribers is 3. When the maximum number of content is sent in 1 minute to different subscribers, the subscribers can continue to send messages only 30 minutes later. The maximum number of signature impressions sent per day is 100. When the maximum number of signatures sent to different subscribers is reached, the service will be suspended for the sender until 23:59:59 of that day.
With the Rejecting call signature display feature, customers can refuse or agree to receive call signatures of all other subscribers; Activate and Add, delete phone numbers in blacklist; View phone numbers in blacklist; Activate whitelist list; Add phone numbers to or remove phone numbers from whitelist list.
Automatic Content Censorship feature: The system has filters zn text format to filter and limit sensitive content...
Service Suspension and Re-activation feature helps customers suspend or re-enable the service after service is suspended.


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Business registration certificate no. 0106873188 granted by Ha Noi Department of Planning and Investment on 6th December, 2015
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