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Listen to LOFI music, start the 2021 music trend on MECLIP

There are many Lofi songs that are currently very popular on music platforms, including works with very high views and up to tens of millions of views. If you want to know what lofi music is, visit Vietnamese Chill Songs on Meclip.vn.

Lofi (low fidelity) is a genre of music that contains imperfect elements during recording and performance. But it is precisely that imperfect nest that makes the music special, interesting, such as the wrong note, noise, sound frequency deviation (such as sound signal error, tape puppet ...) or noise in action (flipping books, pouring coffee ...), environment (birdsong, Rain, wind...).
From the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, due to the complicated situation of covid epidemic, adults are pressured in work and life, young people have to switch to online learning, which has led to a further explosion of Lofi music. Because the history and aesthetics of music of this genre show that Lofi music helps people relax, reduce stress more than music genres with strong beats.


Because of the low frequency of sound, Lofi music helps listeners increase their ability to focus immediately and easily accomplish what they are doing when listening to this type of music. Familiar feelings such as the sound of turning clean, the sound of opening the door, the sound of cars driving on the street,... It is also a factor that makes the listener feel very authentic sound like a film in daily life.

Besides, the images in Lofi music videos are usually stills, added effects in a minimalist style to highlight the melody, helping the listener not to be distracted when enjoying music.

If in the past lofi was imperfect due to engineering, equipment or environmental agents, it is now largely intentional. Often when there is a complete recording, the manufacturer will use software to distort, slow, stretch the sound to the permissible level, add noise, effects, reduce the sound quality to create an old feeling. In Vietnam, famous musicians such as Trinh Thang Binh, Nguyen Minh Cuong, Sang Nhat Trieu ... also quick to grasp the thinking and tastes of the audience when making Lofi music based on works that have been known to the public.


If you understand what Lofi music is, there are many online platforms where you can find this quality music through headphones on your phone or computer. Besides, lofi music channel called Vietnamese Chill Songs on Meclip.vn is the perfect suggestion for you to enjoy many famous songs through good lyrical voices such as Quang Ha, Trinh Thang Binh, Thu Thuy, Hoa Minzy, Nguyen Ha,... In addition to single songs, playlists with rich themes are the highlights not to be missed on Vietnamese Chill Songs.

Visit Meclip.vn on web/wap/app platforms and choose the Vietnamese Chill Songs channel to choose the lofi music that best suits you.

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