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VNPT-Media brings a series of products and utility solutions to the ITU Digital World 2021 Virtual Exhibition

Bringing to the ITU Digital World 2021 Virtual Exhibition a trio of services: MyTV, Payment Platform and VNPT Digital Marketing, VNPT-Media Corporation continues to affirm as a leading technology and service enterprise in Vietnam with a diverse ecosystem of personal digital and technology services.

The ITU Digital World 2021 Virtual Exhibition and Conference is the largest, global annual event of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations organization with 193 member states and more than 800 field members (Radio Communications, Standardization, Telecommunications development) comes from the business community, ICT research and development...
The ITU Digital World 2021 Virtual Exhibition and Conference is an opportunity for Vietnam to inform the world widely about ict industry achievements, capacity and prospects for investment cooperation with ict enterprises in the country. This is an opportunity for Vietnam to show its willingness and capacity to play an active role, leading in international cooperation, joining the ITU and member countries in implementing global initiatives and joining hands to build a digital world.
This event is also an opportunity for Vietnamese ICT enterprises to promote their brands to expand their markets, reach customers and partners from ITU's 193 member countries, especially enabling SMEs to establish partnerships with leading corporations in telecommunications and IT.
As part of the ITU Digital World 2021 Virtual Exhibition and Conference, the Virtual Exhibition offers a full range of functional areas, including a National Pavilion space, a thematic exhibition hall, business booths and a networking space. It is an opportunity to explore national ICT strategies, projects and initiatives from around the world - and to connect with major tech players through industry stands, presentations and networking.
Seizing that opportunity, together with VNPT Group, VNPT-Media Corporation has brought to the Virtual Exhibition a trio of outstanding services: MyTV, Payment Platform and VNPT Digital Marketing (VDM).


Payment Platform - utility digital finance platform
In 2019, the Government opened the National Public Service Portal (CDVCQG), which is considered an instant and effective payment solution. In particular, the Payment Platform is integrated on the Portal researched and developed by VNPT-Media Corporation (under Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group) as an important division.
Payment Platform provides Public Service - Level 4, accordingly, making full online payments to the system, thoroughly solving problems of time and effort, helping people and businesses fulfill their financial obligations quickly, anytime, anywhere; on the other hand, help state management agencies handle quickly, automatically, reduce working pressure and transparent the economy.
Up to now, there have been more than 3000 public services, administrative procedures, essential services; 54 provinces and cities and 13 ministries and sectors have synchronized data and allowed payment of public services through the Payment Platform. The platform also connects to 40 banks and 11 payment intermediaries that allow people to pay via accounts/cards/e-wallets/Mobile Money.
101 million visits with 421,000 registered accounts; synchronous 27.9 million dossiers, of which 759 thousand are made through the National Public Service Portal; over 50,000 payment transactions, the total payment amounted to VND17 billion.

In 2021, Payment Platform aims to provide 100% DVC in Vietnam, facilitating the implementation of financial obligations for citizens in a scientific and economical way. According to the government's strategy to 2025, payment platform is an important factor to perfect the strategy to promote comprehensive financial development in Vietnam. This platform not only brings a professional and modern image, contributing to the completion of the National Public Service Portal but also encourages people to increase the use of online services by many superior utilities, simplifying the management of service providers.


In 2009, MyTV company launched the first interactive television service (MyTV for short) based on IPTV technology. Since then, MyTV service has becomed a new mode of entertainment for Vietnamese people.
In January 2021, MyTV continued to release OTT services, providing a full range of television and communications services on cloud computing technology under the Platform as a Service (PaaS). Currently, customers can use MyTV service with all Internet networks in Vietnam. The service allows customers to log in with one account on five devices, using two TVs/handsets simultaneously.
Given the strengths of the OTT platform, many organizations such as broadcasters, content operators, copyright holders, or any business without any technical resources can easily set up their own end-to-end TV service businesses without having to invest in infrastructure and hardware.
On the other hand, MyTV offers an overall solution from core systems (Middleware), content delivery systems (CDNs) to user application interfaces. We take it seriously to save time and money for our customers, such as diverse telecommunications content and service providers.
For more than a decade, MyTV has been providing high-quality television services with competitive plans, offering an impressive number of channels, diverse content, friendly interface, easy to use with many convenient and premium features.
In the future, MyTV will develop a complete ecosystem to serve MyTV service to the entire multimedia device of customers. MyTV is becoming one of the leading services in VNPT Group's digital service ecosystem. The company also aspires to become an open platform providing content services (MyTV hub) and bringing the most modern technologies to MyTV such as AI, VR, AR ... to increase the user experience and provide the best service to customers.


VNPT Digital Marketing (VDM)
VNPT Digital Marketing (VDM) multi-channel communication system serves to promote products and services and brands of enterprises to customers through SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR, communication links ...; through VNPT's ecosystem on the App/Web platform, Internet/telecommunications as well as channels associated with businesses.
The VDM system has brought practical benefits to users, businesses, VNPT and actively contributed to social media campaigns. Targeted communication, helping users receive the right promotional messages to their needs, improving customer experience, increasing the rate of interest in products and services and brands and improving the conversion rate into orders; VDM allows businesses to proactively, easily create and manage diverse, flexible and appropriate communication campaigns, creating links between different communication channels, helping to optimize both in terms of cost and communication efficiency; Saving development and operating costs for VNPT thanks to the centralized system to replace the previous discrete systems; Help increase the effectiveness of campaigns for propaganda and advocacy of social policies.

The VDM system is built synchronously, including a full range of communication campaign management, media resource management, big data and in-depth data analysis, diverse communication channels and always ready to expand according to the trend of technological development, integrated with production and business systems, VNPT customer database system, as well as open gateways built to make connecting with media businesses and brands simple and fast.


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