14:09, 13/05/2022

Convenience and easy to remember with the active channel number setting feature of MyTV service.

With the desire to enhance the experience for customers, and at the same time create convenience for choosing to watch their favorite TV channels, MyTV would like to introduce to customers the feature of setting up active channel numbers.

From April 25, 2022, MyTV has added a new feature that allows customers to actively set channel numbers on SmartTV device lines (LG, Samsung, Android TV) and MyTV Box 2020. Users easily set up the number of favorite TV channels in their own way and can choose the fastest without spending a lot of time searching on the channel list. With this feature customers can:

- Actively change the channel number at will, according to easy-to-remember conventions, in accordance with personal habits. Channel numbers are limited to between 1 and 3 digits.

- The new channel number that the customer sets up by himself will be synchronized on all other devices when the customer logs in to the same account.

- Change the channel number back to the default channel number of the MyTV system.


The operation of setting up the active channel number is very simple:

Step 1: From the MyTV service homepage on SmartTV/SmartBox, select Support 🡺 select Sort Channel Numbers 🡺 select Sort Channel Numbers as required.

Step 2: Select the channel you want to change the number of in the channel list or enter the default channel name/channel number in the Search channel box.

Step 3: After selecting the channel you want to change the number of 🡺 Click OK to go to the interface to enter the new channel number. Here, enter the desired channel number and click Continue. The system will display the message Update was successful and the channel number has been changed according to the customer's wishes.

In case the customer wants to return to using the default list of MyTV channel numbers, from the MyTV service homepage, select Support, select the item Sort channel numbers, select Return to MyTV's default list of channel numbers .

Customers who are MyTV subscribers look up the channel list and default channel numbers at: https://mytv.com.vn/danh-sach-kenh-truyen-hinh.

Customers who are subscribers of MyTV App look up the channel list and default channel numbers at: https://mytv.com.vn/danh-sach-kenh-ung-dung.

If you have any questions, please contact the free hotline 18001166 for timely support from consultants. Like/follow MyTV Television fanpage to update the latest entertainment information.

Download the app for free: https://mytv.com.vn/tai-ve.

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