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VNPT MONEY – The digital financial ecosystem: Optimizing customer benefits

With the VNPT Money digital financial ecosystem, VNPT Group hopes to bring a simple, safe, convenient and suitable financial digitalization environment for all people.

As a comprehensive digital financial ecosystem, including mobile money services, e-wallets and bank accounts, VNPT Money allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money and pay simply and securely, convenient, no cash needed. Taking advantage of these types of digital payments that are rapidly developing globally, VNPT Money is currently one of the leading digital financial ecosystems in Vietnam.

In particular, with the orientation of taking Mobile Money as the focus of development, VNPT Money is considered suitable for all people, can make payments anytime, anywhere, even in hard-to-reach areas other banking and financial services such as remote areas, islands; easy payment without smartphone, no need for 3G/4G internet; suitable for transactions, payment of bills of small value of goods, ...

“Opened with the VNPT Pay e-wallet and most recently Mobile Money, over the years, VNPT's personal digital financial services have continuously developed, are well received and supported by customers, gradually forming a diversified and highly flexible ecosystem. With VNPT Money, we hope to bring a simple, safe, convenient financial digitalization environment suitable for all people; and at the same time create a decisive factor, contributing to promoting faster and stronger the process of digitizing the socio-economy in Vietnam.” VNPT representative said.

With the vision of becoming a digital financial service loved by all Vietnamese people and the number 1 prestigious payment partner not only of businesses but also of small businesses in all industries, VNPT Money focuses on the development center revolves around the core values ​​of Simplicity - Safety - Convenience. Products and services that make it easy for customers to remove limitations, with just their phone and light touches, anyone can become a digital citizen, anyone can use digital financial services limit.


With the advantages of a leading Telecommunications - Information Technology Group and long-term experience in providing digital services in Vietnam, over the past time, VNPT has continuously invested and expanded its network. , the infrastructure underpinning VNPT Money's development. Up to now, VNPT Money has reached the vast majority of Vietnamese customers, developed a system with more than 200,000 payment touchpoints, covering almost all industries, from paying for major services such as electricity and water. , health care, insurance, tuition fees... to small stores such as grocery stores, barbershops, people's markets.... Along with that, there are hundreds of thousands of deposit and withdrawal points spread across the country through transaction points and authorized telecommunications service providers.

Continuous efforts to make VNPT Money truly become a national digital financial service, worthy of the trust of all customers, in the coming time, VNPT will continue to expand connections with partners to further improve the network, bring the best incentives to customers.

In this March, VNPT Money launched a series of incentive programs for customers when registering for the service and making payments by money sources on VNPT Money.

For information about VNPT Money's preferential programs, customers can call 18001091 branch 3 or visit the website www.vnptmoney.vn.

Dial *9191# or download the VNPT Money app on the App Store or Google Play to receive the offer right away!


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