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Super News advices the secret to have a safe and happy traveling trip

Summer is the season of traveling over the world, meeting new people and enjoying the life. However, travel may also face difficulties and risks if not carefully prepared. Super News summarizes useful experiences to help you have safe, fun and economical trips.


Economical travel

Each person has a different way of traveling, in which most want to get themselves a cheap trip. The advantage of low-cost travel is that you will save more money and still be able to visit tourist attractions, experience activities at the destination you want, and ensure your basic needs be fine. The most basic in the trip such as transportation, accommodation, meals, services...

You can refer to the details in 2 parts of the graphic video Tips to have a light and efficient travel at:

Part 1: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=4127&cate=15
Part 2: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=4130&cate=15
Or you can find the secret you need in the video 10 tips to save time and energy when traveling: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=6444&cate=15

Solo travel
For many people, when traveling, they will choose to go with many people such as relatives and friends. However, solo travel gives travelers interesting experiences, privacy, and helps you relieve stress in work as well as in daily life.
However, solo travel can become a disaster if you unintentionally let yourself run into risks such as traffic accidents, robberies, illness... Please refer to 2 parts of the video Experience traveling alone at the address below to prepare yourself for a safe and complete trip:
Part 1: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=4144&cate=15
Part 2: http://superinfo.vn/video/?id=4147&cate=15

Travel abroad
Traveling abroad, especially self-sufficient overseas travel, requires a lot more preparation than domestic travel. Inconvenience in geography, time zone, language... will cause many difficulties for you in case of problems arise that need to be solved. Whether this is your first time traveling abroad or not, you can still make mistakes while preparing. So, before starting your trip abroad, make sure you have done all 6 things in the video 6 things to note before traveling abroad at http://superinfo.vn/video/ ?id=4207&cate=15 okay.
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