09:56, 15/05/2023

MyEnglish launches extremely powerful MiMi chatbot with core technology from Open AI's ChatGPT

Catching up with the current trend of industrial revolution 4.0, MyEnglish - a cooperation product between VNPT-Media Corporation and English Central Company (USA), has integrated many modern technologies to support learners. It is a feature that uses the latest ChatGPT model from Open AI on an online English learning platform.

For the first time in Vietnam, there is an English learning application that allows learners on a national scale to use ChatGPT to practice conversational English in the most natural way. All MyEnglish students can now converse in English with MiMi – the new AI chatbot that can interact with learners in the same way as a real teacher. MiMi engages in natural conversations with learners on a variety of topics and marks a huge leap in learner engagement compared to previous chatbot versions.

With the incorporation of the latest ChatGPT into more than 20,000 interactive video lessons, covering a wide range of topics and levels for English learners to practice their conversational English, MyEnglish and its partner EnglishCentral show their commitment to investing. not only a repository of learning materials but also quick access to new technology trending features of the world, contributing to affirming MyEnglish's position as one of the top online English learning support platforms. market leader in Vietnam today. Alan Schwartz, CEO & Founder of EnglishCentral commented: “It is truly a turning point in using AI to learn English with the release of the latest conversation models. We've been working on chatbots for the past few years at EnglishCentral, and this release represents a huge step forward in the capabilities of the platform with clear benefits for learners - we see engagement of users with ChatBot MiMi increased by 50% after integrating Mimi with ChatGPT model”.


MyEnglish is an online English training program that helps users practice English with a standard British-American accent, enhance listening, pronunciation and vocabulary addition in the shortest time. MyEnglish's library has more than 20,000 funny, engaging videos, more than 160 courses, with diverse content, edited and added daily from clips, movies, copyrighted textbooks in cooperation with: Cambridge University Press, ABAX ELT, Cengage Learning, Gardnet Publishing, Compass Media…, students will freely choose courses according to their needs. MyEnglish service also helps students to communicate directly with foreign teachers. Just by studying hard and passionately, students will receive GoLive to study online 1:1 with foreign teachers within 30 minutes, thereby practicing and improving communication reflexes in English.

MyEnglish is one of the clear proofs for VNPT-Media's core values: "People are the key - Customer is the center – Non-stop innovation - Trusted partner". VNPT-Media has built a distribution system to users, from end users (B2C), organizations, businesses (B2B) and primary schools, secondary schools, universities (B2B2C).

To register and learn more details about MyEnglish, please visit the website http://myenglish.com.vn or call the customer service hotline 18001091 (toll free).




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