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VNPT is a typical Information and Communication Group in 2023

At the end of January 2024, the Ministry of Information and Communications organized a meeting with several typical businesses in the field of Information and Communications, and some press agencies and publishers to acknowledge and express gratitude for their positive contributions to the development of information and communications development of the Industry and the Country in 2023. VNPT Group is honored to be one of those units


During a meeting chaired by Minister of Information and Communications, Nguyen Manh Hung, the Minister expressed his appreciation for the positive contributions made by businesses in the industry. The minister emphasized that for the information and communication industry to progress, the development of businesses and units within the industry is of utmost importance. Furthermore, the minister highlighted that the commitment of business leaders is essential for the growth and success of the industry


According to the Minister, if businesses want to grow, they must have big dreams, associate their development with the national mission, and master technology in their field. The defense industry is mainly based on new technology. When businesses master technology excellently, they are ready for the defense industry. 
Assessing the production and business situation in 2023, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung said that 2023 was a challenging year for businesses. But difficulty is a test. Difficulties also serve as a check on the health of the business. They make us see the problems more clearly. If the problems at the bottom level are resolved, the organization will develop more sustainably.
 The Minister mentioned that difficulties are also a warning; what is good is not good forever. Therefore, during good times, it is essential to explore new directions and prepare for difficulties. Difficulties and crises are how society develops. 
The Ministry's theme for 2024 is: "Universalization of digital infrastructure, creative digital applications to develop the digital economy - A new driving force for economic growth and labor productivity." According to the Minister, the most crucial aspect of digital economic development is digital applications and digital transformation applications for industries, and digital technology businesses must prioritize this. Developing digital applications for industries is also product creation, which is also 'Make in Vietnam.' Network carriers and digital technology businesses must consider this as a research and development activity. 
Developing the digital economy of industries is also a way to increase labor productivity in these sectors. For many years, our country has not achieved the goal of increasing labor productivity. Now, the solution to this difficult problem is to create digital applications to develop the digital economy in all industries. Digital technology businesses that create industrial digital applications also contribute to increasing labor productivity for the country.
 It is known that in the past year 2023, with the spirit of overcoming all challenges, innovating together with consensus and synergy, all employees of VNPT Group overcame a difficult year to achieve qualitative changes and complete assigned political tasks with many remarkable achievements. VNPT contributed 3,849 billion VND to the state budget, reaching 112.7% of the plan. The Group's pre-tax profit margin on equity reached 6%. VNPT always ensures 100% jobs and stable income at a decent level for workers, comparable to other State-owned Groups and Corporations. The financial situation of VNPT Group is always healthy, with cash flow managed and used effectively to promptly meet the needs of production, business, and capital construction investments of the Group and its units, avoiding overdue debts. The Group's capital is preserved and developed. 


The Group's vision is to become Vietnam's leading digital service provider by 2025 and Asia's Digital Transaction Center by 2030.



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