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VNPT-CA is the digital signature solution that provides the highest level of service quality by 2023

On 19/1/2024, at the event to announce the results of the Survey and assessment of service quality of public CAs in 2023, National Electronic Authentication Center (NEAC), Ministry of Information and Communications (TT&TT) has announced a report on survey results and service quality assessment of public CAs in 2023. According to this report, VNPT's VNPT-CA is considered one of 5 digital signature solutions with service quality best year. At the same time, VNPT-CA also has the most diverse technology applications and services in 2023.

These certificates were issued by the National Electronic Authentication Center in coordination with the Digital Signature and Electronic Transactions Club to digital signature providers based on the results of surveys and CA quality assessments public in 2023


The report is based on a survey and assessment of the quality of organizations providing public digital signature certification conducted in Quarter 4-2023 for 20 digital signature solution providers in Vietnam. To conduct the survey, NEAC used multiple methods to collect opinions from organizations, businesses, and individuals using public digital signature services, application units, or platform providers that combines public digital signature authentication services and public CA agents

Always a pioneer in leading technology, possessing an advanced technology platform with high security, along with a team of highly trained personnel, the VNPT-CA digital signature service addresses data integrity issues, helping businesses, organizations, and individuals feel secure with their electronic transactions.. The product solves the problem of impersonation, helping recipients know where the information comes from and trust the information provider.

As the first unit to provide digital signature solutions on the market, VNPT-CA Digital Signature is guaranteed legality in online transactions by the Ministry of Information and Communications. On the VNPT-CA platform, VNPT offers customers a variety of services and digital signing solutions to meet the digital signing needs and investment capabilities of individuals, organizations, businesses and individuals.

For digital transformation, digital signatures play an important role in determining the legality of individuals and organizations participating in transactions, as well as electronic documents.

With its strength as a leading unit in Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT), VNPT is participating in digital transformation in all fields, including: Government, Business, Health, Education.Therefore, VNPT has an advantage in integrating VNPT-CA digital signatures and signing solutions into core applications for large-scale deployment to ensure the rights and authenticity of individuals and organizations.

VNPT promises to always protect customers' rights when they use VNPT-CA services. Using VNPT-CA, individuals and businesses will save time and internal administration costs, travel costs for negotiating and signing contracts. All can be done through the digital environment. Not only limited to national boundaries, digital signature authentication services allow businesses to access business opportunities wherever digital signatures are recognized.

Customers can contact 18001260 to learn more about the benefits of VNPT-CA, visit the website https://vnpt.com.vn or go to VNPT transaction points in Provinces/Cities in the country.

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