Television Content Production
Television Content Production

This is one of the most high-quality services  of VNPT-Media. With advanced and modern equipment and technology, VNPT-Media can produce high-quality and standard television programs, meeting the demand of national audiences.

 - Television program production: news, reports, documentaries, reality TV, etc.

- TVC production (ideas, concepts, preproduction, postproduction)

- Trailers, product promotion clips, MV (Music Video), etc.

- Comedy skits and sitcoms

- Television program formats

- Television content on mobile networks (MobiTV) and IPTV TV (MyTV)

- Event and live show taping, Internet streaming

- Equipment rentals: HD Camcorders, flying cameras, HD mixer systems (mixer), etc.

- Internet-based television solutions

- Purchasing and trading copyrights of movies, TV series, music and entertainment programs, etc.