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Google Carrier Billing

Google Carrier Billing:

Google Carrier Billing:

is a service that allows VinaPhone mobile subscribers to buy games and applications on Google Play, via payment accounts and mobile accounts (for prepaid subscribers) or payment accounts (for subscribers) Postpaid).
Payment account of Google Carrier Billing service helps customers easily manage the demand for using the service and make payment easily.
After completing the integration, the method of payment via phone account will automatically be configured as the default method when VinaPhone subscribers pay for content on Google Play.


Targeted using groups: 
- VinaPhone prepaid and postpaid subscribers, using Android OS phones from version 2.2 and above.
- Consumer limit: 5,000,000 VND/subscriber/month.
- To use this service, VinaPhone subscribers need to perform the installation. Then users can purchase, download applications on the mobile internet or wifi network.
- Information about services may change during the course of business. For updated information please contact Customer Service Center 18001091.
Instructions to use the service:
-    How to pay and intall apps:
+ Customers enter Google Play and choose the needed application to buy.
+ Customers purchase the application and pay with the default phone account.
+ After installation, the app will be automaticly add into App List and you will get that after the confirmation.
+ Customer’s prepaid mobile account will be charged for the purchase of digital content (applications) buyed on Google Play. For postpaid subscribers, content purchase fee will be recorded on customers' monthly invoice.
   How to use TKTT account:
+ Customers top up scratch card with value to TKTT by calling *105*ID card#. Deposits payment account are valid for the value of the top up card.
+ Customers can also look up the amount in payment account by calling *105#. The system will notify the current amount of customers in payment account.
+ In case customers switch from postpaid to prepaid subscribers or convert from prepaid to postpaid subscribers:
+ Payment account continues to be maintained. The system will deduct money according to the scenario specified in the list of prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
Note: In case the subscriber has a commitment of freight, commitment to select the number: Customer's consumption via payment account is not included in the commitment fee of the Customer.
Request a refund
Customers can request a refund directly on Google Play within 2 hours after making the transaction. Successful refund requests will be returned to the customer's account within 24 hours. The content that has completed the previous transaction will be removed from the customer's subscription. After the above time, please contact Customer Service Center 18001091 for any further refund request. 
-    Enter Google Play to choose the purchased app on list.
-    Choose “Refund”. 
-    Click to confirm the request of refunding.
-    Finish successfully.
-    Customers can see more information in detail on Google Play Help Center.

Look up rates
- Customers can contact VinaPhone's 18001091 switchboard to confirm whether have the purchased app on Google Play or not.
- Detailed invoice of purchased content on Google Play via Payment account and Main account can be consulted on VinaPortal via electronic invoice.
- For paper invoices, it will be shown the total value of money used to buy content on Google.
- Fee for sending message to used prefix: Free.
- Dynamic rates are displayed for each application on Google Play.
- VinaPhone prepaid and postpaid subscribers buying content on Google Play application store with the fee in the above charge range will pay via phone accounts as well as by other payment methods prescribed by partner owns app store.
- The price of buying content listed on Google Play is specified = Content price (VAT included) + Service fee (10% Content price, Customer will receive notice of charging after the first time first download the content).
- The price for buying content on Google Play is listed in VND.

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