Vietnam Talent Awards bring great values to help stringee success

15:19, 01/08/2019

Stringee, the product that won the Second Prize in the "Information Technology for Startups" Category of Vietnam Talent Awards 2018, has gained impressive success in the domestic market and starts to reach out to foreign ones.

At the online exchange session with the theme: "Digital transformation - Opportunities and challenges for Startups" that took place on July 24th 2019, Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan - Representative of Stringee creator group shared that Vietnam Talent Awards have brought great values to his company.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan - Representative of Stringee creator group affirmed: "Vietnam Talent Awards have brought a lot of value to my company".

“Although Stringee has just been established for 2 years, its technology platform has been researched and developed since 2012. Therefore, Stringee's technology creates the same quality as leading products in the world. Currently, Stringee's system is used by more than 200 businesses, serving over 20 million people with over 40 million monthly calls, including many large customers, such as VNPT, VOV, VNDirect, VietinBank, Viettel.... Using Stringee's solutions, businesses can save about 40% -60% of business phone charges, while improving the quality of their customer care services." Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan shared.

According to Mr. Luan, "Stringee's goal is to become a global company, one of the leading Communication APIs companies in Southeast Asia, as well as in Asia. Stringee is targeting big markets like USA, Canada, Japan, Korea... Stringee currently works with partners such as USA, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia. In the next 2-3 months, Stringee will have our first foreign customers."

Stringee recently announced a successful call of nearly $ 2 million for the Pre Series A investment round from a large domestic investment fund and a number of other angel investors. Stringee expressed her hope that this capital call will be a leverage to help them completely dominate the Vietnamese market in the area of ​​Communications Platform, and take the first steps to foreign markets in the next 1-2 months.

Stringee's success to this point is undeniable and Stringee is expected to continue to grow fast in the future. It could be said that Stringee's achievement in Vietnam Talent Awards 2018 had been the "launching pad" to help Stringee succeed.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan shared, "The award that we won has brought great values to our company. Among those values, there are two most practical ones. First, as we won a high award, we received a lot of attention from the media. Stringee appeared much in newspapers and TV channels, helping Stringee's brand to get more recognition. Second, it is brand value. Since winning a high award in Vietnam Talent Awards 2019, Stringee's brand has been trusted more and this helps Stringee to make more sales. Moreover, when participating in Vietnam Talent Awards, Stringee had found more partners and customers."

Vietnam Talent Awards were initiated by Vietnam Association for Promoting Education, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and Dan Tri Newspaper. VNPT Group is also the main Sponsor of the Awards during the past 15 years. The Awards have discovered and honored hundreds of talents in the fields of Information Technology, Applied Science, Medicine and Environment.